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As the DOW goes through another sell-off and we prepare to say goodbye to Sears (I think Roebuck is already deceased), could it be that President Trump is finally turning the MAGA lens on the Fed???

President Donald Trump slammed the Federal Reserve as “going loco” for its interest-rate increases this year in comments hours after the worst U.S. stock market sell-off since February.

Trump said in a telephone interview on Fox News late Wednesday night the market plunge wasn’t because of his trade conflict with China: “That wasn’t it. The problem I have is with the Fed,” he said. “The Fed is going wild. They’re raising interest rates and it’s ridiculous.”

“That’s not the problem,” he said of the trade standoff. “The problem in my opinion is the Fed,” he added. “The Fed is going loco.”

Channel that inner Ron Paul, MAGA Man! We need no loco banqueros. End it!