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Needed badly.

I’ve been aggregating material together on two different topics. Not sure where any of it will go, if goes they does…

Anyway, the following article/video is part of one would be subject-thread. It’s about Priest abuse. Not the garden variety that garners decades of coverup and celebrity excuses. This one involves a Priest being run into hiding by death and torture threats – all for actually doing his job.

Please CLICK HERE and Watch

The whole thing is sickening. Pay attention around 2:23 in, where Fr. Kalchik says his experience is, “par for many in the near future.” Listen to that again. Please share this story.

Many now speak of an inquisition against the dark forces of modernity in the Church. Yet, as this experience demonstrates, the first salvo may come against the Faithful.

The time has come to turn the tables.

UPDATE: On the other (limp-wristed) hand, we could listen to cucks like THIS GUY and just roll over. That seems to have worked well in Detroit and Zimbabwe. Proof some Irish Catholics still haven’t assimilated 150 – 200 years in.