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(Zi work for the Democrats but similar-feelz workers and Zir have pledged to undo the last vestiges of freedom-minded civility therein. And RUSSIA!!!)
Forward by Perrin Lovett: I am, today, taking a rare break from my duties as your C.F. Floyd Writer for National Affairs. My apologies but the following is important … and I felt lazy over the weekend. I was inspired by the brave, anonymous, totally unverifiable, and probably make believe Op-Ed in Carlos Slim’s Blog The New York Times last week. The guest author herein is a senior official in the Democratic National Committee and Politburo whose identity is known only to me and my trusty Possum, Tater, and whose very life would be endangered by something if, you know, stuff happened. I believe that only through satirical anonymity can the truth be of service and not of dissent. I invite my readers to submit questions about my policies in publishing this tripe and my extensively exhaustive R&D worthiness testing regarding the difference  – please submit those anywhere but here.




The Democratic Party is facing a test of their will to dominate all life unlike any obstacle faced by any modern band of serially unemployable hacks since at least Stalingrad, maybe later.


It’s not just that there are probably sealed military indictments awaiting execution. Or that the country has united in a sense of being sick and tired of marginalization, cultural and economic rape, and destruction. Or even that In-N-Out Burger has John 3:16 printed inside the bottoms of their soda cups.


The dilemma — as we try and try again to slouch towards Gomorrah — is that maybe four or five senior members of or elected officials within Zest Zown Party are working lazily to frustrate the total fulfillment of the Marxist agenda here in the boundaryless ideological proposition formerly known as “America.” Like some lingering specter of Sam Nunn or Zell Miller they just will not fade away.


(It’s like Chick-fil-A, but worse.)