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It’s a call in the strongest, most straightforward terms imaginable. It’s a response more powerful and more informed than anything we could have hoped for. And that magnitude inspires hope anew.

Unless you’ve been under a rock (or glued to the TeeVee), then you’ve heard about the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Not the generalities, rumors, and bad jokes, decades old; but the hard and very fact specific allegations and supporting evidence as most recently manifested in the Pennsylvania grand jury report. I wrote much about that and the Vatican’s limp-wristed response thereto in last week’s TPC column.

One comment to TPC asked about news of “good” apples:

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Now comes a whole barrel of good news apples. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former  apostolic nuncio (a diplomat or ambassador) to Washington dropped a bomb on the corrupt hierarchy of the Church.

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You can and should read his 11-page letter, at the above link in Scribd format, or HERE, in plan text. The rot truly go all the way to the top.

I say “read” the letter knowing full well that half cannot and most of the other half will not. We are a “postliterate” society. (Read more on that concept HERE – try to understand it from the perspective of a writer; “postliterate” looks a lot like illiterate [all I shall say on that for now]). Anyway,

Vigano’s missive cuts to the heart of the nature of what’s wrong on many different levels. Fully comprehending, he even touches on the utter confusion which moots the understanding of morality (thus often preventing proper identification of major problems when they come up):

Father James Martin, S.J., acclaimed by the people mentioned above, in particular Cupich, Tobin, Farrell and McElroy, appointed Consultor of the Secretariat for Communications, well-known activist who promotes the LGBT agenda, chosen to corrupt the young people who will soon gather in Dublin for the World Meeting of Families, is nothing but a sad recent example of that deviated wing of the Society of Jesus.

The Pope’s (tempted to place that title in quotation) performance in Dublin was weak at best – and was rightly criticized. But even some of those who are critical are so confused from the start as to be completely ineffective (the pot and the kettle, in other words). Take this ignorance – from a somewhat sympathetic source – for example:

“So much has been covered up by bishops in the Catholic Church,” the woman said. “I was so small when I was abused, not by a member of the Church but it was covered up by the Church.

“Everyone knew, my mother, the teachers in school, everyone but that was back in the 70s and everyone was so afraid of the Church.

“It was important for me and other victims, to be here today, to use Pope Francis’ visit as a stage for protest, to force change in the Church – that bishops must no longer be allowed to cover up child abuse.

Ireland has come so far, with the ‘Repeal’ movement and LGBTI marriage rights and now in Ireland we are going to send a message to the Church together.

Read that again. “Ireland has come so far…” She suffered abuse, horrible abuse. That is a problem faced by so many, on many continents, for years. But she fails to see the interrelation among the various evils. In fact, she views some of them as progress. The repeal movement refers to the recent legalization of child murder in IRE. Progress? LGBTI “marriage” is progress? I understand the aforementioned Father Martin was live and in full force in Dublin – connect those dots. What then, exactly, can the message be from the people of the Emerald Isle to the Church?

One cannot expect any organization, religious or political, to correct its mistakes if half of those mistakes are mistaken for successes. As I’ve noted before a full purge is in order. Vigano gets it and calls for it: the best of this “good apple” good news:

Francis is abdicating the mandate which Christ gave to Peter to confirm the brethren. Indeed, by his action he has divided them, led them into error, and encouraged the wolves to continue to tear apart the sheep of Christ’s flock.

In this extremely dramatic moment for the universal Church, he must acknowledge his mistakes and, in keeping with the proclaimed principle of zero tolerance, Pope Francis must be the first to set a good example for cardinals and bishops who covered up McCarrick’s abuses and resign along with all of them.

Even in dismay and sadness over the enormity of what is happening, let us not lose hope! We well know that the great majority of our pastors live their priestly vocation with fidelity and dedication.

It is in moments of great trial that the Lord’s grace is revealed in abundance and makes His limitless mercy available to all; but it is granted only to those who are truly repentant and sincerely propose to amend their lives. This is a favorable time for the Church to confess her sins, to convert, and to do penance.

Let us all pray for the Church and for the Pope, let us remember how many times he has asked us to pray for him!
Let us all renew faith in the Church our Mother: “I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church!”
Christ will never abandon His Church! He generated her in His Blood and continually revives her with His Spirit!
Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us!
Mary, Virgin and Queen, Mother of the King of glory, pray for us!

Since the letter was delivered the Pope has been silent on the matter(s). Something tells me he (and certain associated figures) will not go quietly. It is up to the Faithful, then, to make some noise. Vigano is veritable shouting from the rooftop. I reiterate my call to arms.


There was another comment at TPC which I had thought to re-address. This one:

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…blah, blah, blah … heretical, mid-witted blah…

In hindsight, I think my short reply was enough:

He dismisses with false interpretation and rampant speculation, all Trinitarian Churches, presumably in favor of his own organization which he doesn’t even mention by name. (I did cut out a few of his links; if he won’t name it, I won’t promote it).

Totally off subject, he presents a fake problem and then offers no solution. He fails to realize (or does not care that): there are many ways to interpret a dream; there is quite a bit of Bible prior to Revelations; The Trinity is real and Holy; more than a few countries boasted Christian death tolls to rival his (oddly unstated) number of murdered heretics, and; his misuse of Rev. 17:4, taken all the way through the cup, results in utter and self-defeating blasphemy. His use of Colossians 2:8 is projection. Fortunately, the same Christ who told us to pray in the Name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit also warned us about false prophets.

And the same Christ will never abandon His Church!

A good and happy Monday to you all.