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Assualt auto ban needed, again, in London. “Very sinister,” indeed.

This is what we know so far…

A car crashed into anti-terror barriers outside the Houses of Parliament at 7.40am

Three people have been hurt – but cops say none have life-threatening injuries

Witnesses saw a silver car “deliberately” travelling towards Westminster at 50mph

A man, in his 20s, has been arrested on suspicion of terror offences

Extra cops will now be stationed at key transport hubs across the country

Theresa May has praised medics and police for their quick response to the “attack”

And, what else do we know? Yep, as ALWAYS, the perpetrator will already be known to the authorities.

It’s much the same in Sweden, as the fires die down.

And tonight is one of the worst night for violence in recent history as police report multiple gangs of masked youths rampaging across three major Swedish cities, setting cars on fire in what seems like a coordinated action.

Probably just “women and children” “fleeing war” or some such. Certainly not a violent invasion.

More, sadly, to come.


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