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I think the felons hit the field next week for pre-season protests or something. Yawn!

Word comes that, in Tampa, Bucs fans won’t be lighting up when the players kneel down.

The Tampa Sports Authority announced that it is banning smoking at Raymond James Stadium, starting immediately.

The authority says a smoke-free environment will make the fan experience more enjoyable.

“The need for this healthier environment was evident from fan feedback, national trends, and feedback from our tenants such as the Buccaneers and USF,” said Eric Hart, Tampa Sports Authority CEO.

It is not going over well with everyone.

“I like to smoke cigars,” Harold McCall told FOX 13. “I think [the ban] is terrible.”

There were designated smoking areas which have now been eliminated. Smokers have to finish puffing before going inside. If you leave to smoke, you’re not going to be allowed back in.

This is your Sports Authority. This is your Sports Authority on communism.

One doesn’t have to worry about getting back in if one never enters in the first place.* Davidoff invites fans to watch games in the comfy confines of their shop, located conveniently south of RJS. (From FB):

I invite people to watch the game from our beautiful Davidoff Tampa store which is right around the corner from the stadium. Cigars smokers are welcomed with open arms…nanny state folks stay out!

Patrons (of the store) have weighed in. The most appropriate comment is, “F them!” That’s really the only response. Now, I understand the marketing angle of luring in the fans with the big screens. But, philosophically and not just as a screen hater, why bother having the foolishness anywhere near the happy smokers? Why support the enemy in any way? They ban you. So you ban them.

That’s the sentiment of today’s PNW:


Are they going to ban firing the ship’s cannon? That would make children “safe” from smoke and guns! Davidoff, Tampa, FB.

*PS: The last (and final) time I was at Sanford Stadium, I tried to smoke a cigar OUTSIDE and away from everyone. I was told I could not. I left. And I have no plans of ever returning. F them too.

PPS: Facebook still sucks.