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Paul Brandus does a pretty good job of summing up America’s standing one-fifth of the way through the 21st Century. He touches on several important subjects. However, in the touching, he seems to miss much of the “why,” shunning some analysis for popular sentiment.

This part, for instance, caught my attention:

We seem to have been overcome by pettiness and cynicism, incapable of doing anything big anymore. How did we descend from the country that cured polio, built the interstate highway system and put a man on the moon—to one in which millions see nothing wrong with the government ripping babies from their mother’s bosom?

This being one of several leftist talking points soft sells. How? Well, when millions see nothing wrong with ripping babies from the womb, how much consternation can there be about the bosom?

And, again, since when have liberals ever cared about separating children (the ones who survive “choice”) and families? Stephen Baskerville has some excellent thoughts on that:

Liberal policies have been “separating children from their parents” for years.

The beasts! What kind of monsters deliberately separate innocent children from their parents? This descends to a level of barbarism that is unspeakable!

There are big money and a lot of votes in these anti-child rackets. Cash and curry aside, “Barbarism” is the right word.