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I’ve covered 12 cigar-a-day, 112-YO, All-America Richard Overton for over a year. See: Here and Here.

Happy times, then; today a pathetic story.

Someone is impersonating the oldest man in America.

Family members of Richard Overton, the 112-year-old World War II veteran who lives in Austin, learned that his personal bank account had been drained on Friday.

“Someone set up a bogus account, got his Social Security number and accessed his personal checking account,” said Volma Overton, who is Overton’s third cousin.

According to Volma, whoever accessed the money used it to buy savings bonds with Treasury Direct, and has been doing so for a few months.

“This is going to be a setback for Richard,” Volma said. “It was a significant amount of money.”

Pure evil. Overton has other funds. I imagine he’ll be successful in recovering the looted money in short order. Still…

I’ve been toying with the idea that, as identity theft is akin to killing the original person, for legal and banking matters, etc., maybe the same penalty should apply. Identity murder? In this particular case, the killer should be sentenced to death by cigar torch. Single flame. Over maybe a month or two. Too harsh? If you’re in Dallas, ask Overton. I’ll defer to his judgment.

I hope in ten years, he finds this a laughing matter.


Happier times. Dallas Morning News.