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My latest at TPC: on the illegals, the kids, etc.:

This is an ongoing trend of which you are surely aware. America (and the West) is currently undergoing the largest mass migration of humans in recorded history. Since 1965, when US immigration and naturalization law was … tweaked… scores of millions of newcomers have come forth, changing the face of our country. Europe has seen a similar phenomenon.


Trump is correct about the Dems, at least as it concerns their affinity for bad policy. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Keep Families Together Act, S. 3036, as currently (poorly) drafted would literally exempt almost all parents (illegals, immigrants, or citizens) in the country from federal criminal prosecution. Given what’s become of federal law and law enforcement, that may not be such a bad idea; I doubt it’s what the author originally intended, however.


Much of this mess can be traced back to another Democrat’s bad law. Emanuel Celler’s hideous Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 shifted America’s immigration and demography from the traditional to the radical and the globalist. Celler, Ted Kennedy, and other proponents at the time lied when they assured the nation that nothing would change.


And, when did liberals start caring about immigrant children and keeping them together with families in the United States? You might recall the following picture and the young child, Elian Gonzalez, featured therein – the one crying and with the submachine gun aimed at him – courtesy of Bill Clinton and Janet Reno:


Recall Feinstein’s defense of Elian? Me neither. Historycollection.co/CNN.