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More and more and more reasons manifest – causes to keep children out of the failed American “public” school cabal. Here’s another stunner: Valedictorian’s mic was cut off when she brought up sex assault in grad speech:

A California high school valedictorian was abruptly cut off when she tried to speak about sexual assault during her graduation speech, according to reports.

“I felt like I was worthless,” recent Petaluma High School grad Lulabel Seitz told CNN about the incident.

The 17-year-old began her speech on June 2 recalling the students’ first days as freshmen, then went on to talk about devastating wildfires, teacher strikes and her own family’s struggles.

But when it seemed like she was about to bring up her own sexual assault, which allegedly happened on school grounds — her mic was cut off.

In a video of the incident, the teen is visibly upset as she yells inaudible words to someone off camera.

Moments later, her peers and people in the crowd started chanting, “Let her speak! Let her speak!”

After nearly a minute of silence, she returns to her seat.

Seitz — a member of student government who played trumpet in jazz band and maintained a GPA of over 4.0 — said administrators warned her not to “speak against them” in her speech.

But the night before commencement, as she watched Martin Luther King Jr. speeches, she was inspired to speak out.

“When they cut my mic, I was appalled at them,” Seitz told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. “I thought this is a public school with freedom of speech.”

Seitz, who is heading to Stanford in the fall, decided to post the uncensored version of her speech on YouTube.

That speech contains the line: “Even learning on a campus where some people defend perpetrators of sexual assault and silence their victims, we didn’t let that drag us down.”

The teen said she reported her assault, but that the school did nothing about it.

The definitional best student at this “school” was assaulted (I’ll just take her word) and the school did nothing (for her). They did do something against her, shutting her speech down following intimidation. Double abuse. This case is reminiscent of an episode in Florida wherein a middle school girl as abused on campus. Her school did nothing. Frustrated, she reached out to local talk radio for support and help. The school responded – by suspending her.

Our valedictorian by no means should feel worthless. That sentiment is rightfully reserved for her failed school. Thank God she’s moved beyond their reach. Of course, they did nothing about the abuse! They’re in the same business themselves.

She now surely knows that public “schools” and freedom, of speech and otherwise, do not go together. She’s going to be fine. She’s one of those high IQ students who simply cannot be held down, no matter who tries. She’ll do well at Stanford. She’ll be a success.

The “school” won’t. It isn’t. It cannot claim any responsibility for the success of those who happen to excel despite the torment. I don’t even need to consult with one of those services that tell just how bad the schools are; I know this one is failed. Abolish it. Now!

I’m sure they did warn her not to “speak against them.” Her disregard speaks to her fortitude. I’ll also speak against them. Damn you morons to hell! Stop harming children. How’s that?

This is pathetic. It is also the norm these days. As these are our children, can we really continue to tolerate this? I think not.