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This isn’t the garden variety refugee either, not the kind the left and the open borders crowd tell us are so critically beneficial to the GDP. It’s Julian. Assange. The same cyber sleuth and reporter held up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for years now.

It seems this particular refugee isn’t adding that magic economic value. In fact, they say he’s become an “inherited problem” and a nuisance. Ecuador may give him the boot:

Julian Assange’s nearly six-year refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London is in danger, opening the WikiLeaks founder to arrest by British authorities and potential extradition to the US, multiple sources with knowledge tell CNN.

While Assange has in the past claimed his position in the embassy was under threat, sources say his current situation is “unusually bad” and that he could leave the embassy “any day now,” either because he will be forced out or made to feel so restricted that he might choose to leave on his own. His position there is “in jeopardy,” one source familiar with the matter said.

Assange’s exit from the embassy could open a new phase for US investigators eager to find out what he knows.

In their defense, the man is costing them much money and worry. It’s an embassy, not an apartment building. For him, his potential release to the streets is fraught with danger.

The UK will arrest him on a procedural bench warrant stemming from a Swedish criminal matter. That’s just procedure.

Sweden may extradite him on untenable, quasi-dismissed, and likely nonexistent criminal charges related to #metoo event that probably never happened. That’s probably going nowhere.

The real danger comes, surprise, surprise, from the American Empire. US “investigators” claim they want to know what Assange knows about international affairs. To that end, they have likely already secured an arrest warrant for him. Mind you, there’s no crime the US could, in good faith, charge him with. But that matters little in a land of little faith. If they want him, they’ll get him.

And they already know what he knows. He published it. That’s how he got into trouble in the first place – by exposing the embarrassing secrets the Empire would rather remain secret.

It would not surprise me at all if Assange were simply “silenced.”

It’s amazing. The US literally crawls with politicians, banksters, bureaucrats, MIC operatives, Hellywood values monsters, liars, charlatans, and criminals of every stripe, all dedicated to robbing, murdering, or enslaving the free people. It’s not a Deep State so much as a Deep World. But they go after Assange for exposing a little bit of it.

Most amazing is that the people have heard little of this and care even less.

One almost hopes for a James Bond-style escape for Julian to some civilized country. Maybe Pam can arrange something?


Illegal in the shadows… NY Mag.