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Wrath of Sadiq Khan really should head south through the Chunnel. Had he been around the other day he might have convinced an ISIS fighter that there is never a reason to have a knife.

The Islamic State has released a posthumous video featuring the knifeman who carried out a deadly terror attack in Paris on Saturday.

20-year-old Khamzat Asimov, who arrived in France as a refugee from war-torn Chechnya, launched a nine-minute lethal knife rampage through the centre of Paris.

Asimov murdered one man and severely wounded four others – including a Chinese and Luxembourg citizen – in the attacks close to the historic Opera Garnier, in the city centre.

Nobody tell Alyssa Milano – she’s a little hypocritical sensitive about the subject – but the NRA was nowhere around this (or any other) crime scene. Come to think of it, a few guns in the right hands might have saved a life. One notes that the police who shot the terrorist to death did so with guns. Interesting. #NoRA?


As French as Creme Brulee. Daily Mail.

Word has it Milano and Young Hogg will go on CNN with Khan to discuss this latest NRA-motivated school shooting.

As with any terrorist attack this attacker was previously known to police. He was even in a database! Probably something about the NRA and knives.

The lesson to learn here, dear friends, isn’t about immigration or situational awareness or the necessity of concealed carry. No. It’s that you can just get by with a plastic spork. Know your place, plebs.

Ils t’ont déclaré la guerre. Reste fort. Rendre le marteau fier!