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I really haven’t beyond considering what someone at LRC said about him being a stoic. I don’t think he is, based on the little I’ve heard or read of/by him. Here’s what Vox Day and Alex Jones think:

Alex Jones.

On a not unrelated note: there is such a thing as the Hollingworth gap (VD’s 2 sd gap). It’s real and nowhere does it manifest more evidently than in social media comments (sometimes). Read a few of the remarks by Peterson’s fans after Alex’s video for examples.

I’ve had two published articles lately, one concerning a usual topic and one on pop culture, wherein this phenomenon manifested itself in the associated comments. I may address that directly later. I suppose it’s probably a waste of time (like so many social media comments [not yours!]).

Again, this concept is real. It partly explains why I watch almost no television; I literally cannot understand the stupidity (or can’t waste the energy to do so). It explains why the YT commenters from Peterson’s defense brigade don’t get Vox’s dissertation; they literally cannot understand what he’s saying.

If you understand what I just wrote, then you’re “in range.” If not, then here’s a picture of a rabbit in a shoe:


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