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In pushing forward the vast right-wing conspiracy, the Russians seemingly lost their minds. They stooped as low as common tax evasion and something about a beach house. That doesn’t buy many votes. And federal judge T.S. Ellis doesn’t seem to be buying the government’s special counsel’s deep state’s charging authority.

Mueller’s team says its authorities are laid out in documents including the August 2017 scope memo – and that some powers are actually secret because they involve ongoing investigations and national security matters that cannot be publicly disclosed.

Ellis seemed amused and not persuaded.

He summed up the argument of the Special Counsel’s Office as, “We said this was what [the] investigation was about, but we are not bound by it and we were lying.”

He referenced the common exclamation from NFL announcers, saying: “C’mon man!”

Judges change their minds but sometimes, some very few times, the tree is poisoned and charges are dismissed. There’s the old saying: “When the judge reverts to sports talk, the case is over.” Putin knew that all along.