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These three kind of go together. I like finding semi-related issues or tales and mixing them together; James Altucher calls it “idea sex.” Anyway, it’s been a long day so I’ll leave the interweaving to you and those XXX minds…

All three are health matters, if you will. All three are important. Here goes:

Canadian Liberals Attempt to Decriminalize ALL Illicit Drugs

Go Liberals! Read the reasons why and then about the experience in Portugal. This was also one of Ron Paul’s ideas back when elections still sorta almost mattered. If Canada becomes the first G7 to return to the traditional minding of one’s own health business, trust the US to be last.

Labels, Public Info Everywhere, 10,000 Diets Books, and Americans are Still Getting Fatter

Drugs, guns, knives, cars, bad doctors, and just about everything else take a backseat; this is THE epidemic. It’s one with surprisingly simple solutions but also with extremely organized enemies of the public health.

American Man Graduated from College and Taught School for 17 Years and He was Illiterate

In a nation awash in money, schools, books, ebooks, and free time, a horrendous percentage of the people either can’t read, can’t read well, or won’t read. This vexes more than just the word-slinging mercenaries. “Adults who can’t read are suspended in their childhoods, emotionally, psychologically, academically, spiritually. We haven’t grown up yet.” He got help. There’s always hope.

Maybe that’s the tie-in. We, collectively speaking, can make it all better: health and fitness, crime-free sobriety OR responsible enjoyment, and reading the fun and wisdom of the ages.

Not so much wisdom here, tonight, I fear. Tired. Long (good) day.

Evening, friends.