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Happy Tomahawk Slinging Season to All!

Seemed I got a little too caught up in the US Mega Budget-Debt details last night. My apologies.

I forgot that sometimes, in the Spirit of the Season, Jolly Old Saint Uncle Sam allows his elves the joy of tossing the traditional cruise missiles around.

Syria MISSILE STRIKE ‘within hours’: Eastern Mediterranean on ALERT for ‘possible launch’

BRITISH and French forces could launch an imminent missile strike on Syria within a matter of hours, aviation monitors have revealed.

A coalition force could fire “air-to-ground or cruise missiles” in the wake of a horrifying chemical attack on innocent civilians in Syria last week.

Aviation experts AirLive have reported this evening a “rapid alert notification” warning aircraft in the eastern Mediterranean to be wary of a sudden missile strike.

AirLive said the alert was issued by Eurocontrol this evening for a “possible launch … within the next 72 hours”.

AirLive said: “According to reports, British forces are mobilising at their bases in Cyprus and Rafale fighter jets could takeoff from St Dizier airbase in France for possible strikes against Syria.”

Reminds me of the Lighting of the Gaddafi Tree in Libya a few years ago. Maybe the Brits want to hold Assad’s sovereign wealth …. for the Syrian people of course.

Joy to the War! Blessed are the Warmakers.


Up on the rooftop Tomahawk calls.

Down come shingles, truss, and walls.

Down from the air with lots of noise.

All for some report of … nebulous bad boys.

Get in the damned spirit, will ya! There’s a racket to run.