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Well, seems as if another Tomahawk Slinging Season is once again upon us (or upon those in Syria). Happy Tomahawk Slinging Season from one taxpayer to many others!

Tomahawk, Tomahawk,

Flying off a ship.

Let’s make a really good excuse,

And hope most of ’em hit.

*(Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells or something).

I still can’t find Syria anywhere on or near a map of the USA. Maybe it’s around Alaska? Or one of the little island protectorates? Yet I can easily divine incompetence most rank on the border between Virginia and Maryland.

Trump said he only signed the recent bloated (partial) budget to get funding for the military. Now he wants other parts rescinded. (Thing called a veto. V-E-T-O). The man also recently said it was time to leave Syria to the Syrians and anyone else foolish enough to there thread. It is. But, somewhere along the way, the pullout and the budget seem to have met. Must have been on the road to Damascus…

And, this being Tomahawk Slinging Season and all, maybe a little more expensive foreign meddling is in order before we mind our own business (if ever that is).

All this craziness ain’t cheap: Return of the Trillion Dollar Deficit (Washington Times).

See also: Tax Plan and More Debt (CNBC).

I detected some fuzzy math in the CNBC piece. If the 2016 GDP was $18.5 Trillion (it was), and the on books federal debt is now $21 Trillion (it is), then in the past year+ we must have increased the GDP enormously to be below 96% currently – so as to make the “dire” predictions for 2028 a plausible reality. My calculator may be acting up.

However the numbers settle, I’m still backing my prediction of $40 Trillion in debt by 2024. I see this as being back on track – to oblivion.

Could be worse. You could be in the bull’s eye this Season. Of course, could be better; you might own Raytheon stock.