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They used to have a bumper sticker in Augusta: “Pray for me. I drive on Washington Road.” Sure, several places in America have heavier traffic, but that strip between Calhoun (John C. not Algonquin J.) Expressway and … the lake? is bad enough. Now it’s not even safe to stand off to the side of it on a Friday morning. Everyone’s favorite neon golfer, John Daly, learned that the hard way.

AUGUSTA, Ga. – John Daly injured his right knee on Friday when a car travelling down Washington Road lost control and ran off the road, crashed through a line of temporary fencing and into his RV that was parked next to a restaurant.

Daly, who sells merchandise from his RV each year during the Masters, was standing in front of his RV with his fiancée, Anna Cladakis, when the accident occurred.

“It whaled into the front of the bus,” Cladakis told GolfChannel.com. “John dove out of the way, he tweaked his knee.”

I heard a rumor that the lady behind the offending wheel was DUI. Then again, one hears a lot of rumors in Augusta this week: kids’ golf, women’s golf, THE END OF CIGARS ON THE COURSE (yeah….), hi-rise hotels, property purchases, monorail, private airport, the true belief that screaming at a ball may direct its course towards a hole, someone knows a guy who knows a guy that saw something, etc.. Strange times in a strange town.

All know seeing this bus at Hooters each year is not strange:


The Daly Bus in happier times. Perrin.

I read a couple of stories about the incident from the popular press. First, maybe it’s the golfing and New York media that are “outlandish.” John is merely outrageous. For that, we love him. Him and his … eye-catching … merchandise. We even love his signing:

He’s pretty good! Happier times… Perrin/YT.

We just don’t want him hurt, thank you.

I’ve ranted before about how bad many most America drivers really are. This week in a-town witnesses some of the worst of the worst. John’s wasn’t the only big bus “accident” of the week. This woman, if she was drunk, wasn’t the only one. In fact, if she was sober, she could have been the only one. I think a house cat might assume better control of a car. Confidence is not inspired. **Americans: either learn to drive or else await the robo cars (not long…).**

Happily, Daly, tweaked knee or not, is okay. I verified as much.

I see him from time to time, year to year. He figured into my Happy Little Cigar Book even.


Daly and some cigar-crazed nut in happier times. Perrin.

As luck – or purposeful maneuvering – would have it, I caught up with Big John last night. He was limping but otherwise moving well and pretty quick. I asked how he was. He replied: “It hurts a little but we’re alright.”

Then, we’re all alright.


Fore! Anna Cladakis.