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The odds of taking a federal felony to trial and being acquired are somewhere in the 1 in 3,000 range. Yet, this year we have at least two very high-profile loses for the Empire. Encouraging? Maybe.

Noor Salman, widow of Orlando ISIS killer Omar Mateen, was acquitted by a federal jury moments ago.

The widow of the gunman who killed 49 people at a gay Orlando nightclub was acquitted Friday on charges of lying to the FBI and helping her husband in the 2016 attack.

Noor Salman, 31, began sobbing with joy when she was found not guilty of charges of obstruction and providing material support to a terrorist organization, WKMG reported . Salman was married to Omar Mateen when he attacked the Pulse nightclub. Police killed him after the massacre.

Prosecutors said Salman and her husband scouted out potential targets together — including Disney World’s shopping and entertainment complex — and she knew he was buying ammunition for his AR-15 in preparation for a jihadi attack. She knew that he had a sick fascination with violent jihadi videos and an affinity for Islamic State group websites and gave him a “green light to commit terrorism,” prosecutors said.

Defense attorneys described Salman as an easily manipulated woman with a low IQ. They said Salman, who was born in California to Palestinian parents, was abused by her husband, who cheated on her with other women and concealed much of his life from her.

Attorney Charles Swift argued there was no way Salman knew that Mateen would attack the Pulse nightclub because even he didn’t know he would attack it until moments before the shooting. His intended target was the Disney Springs complex, prosecutors said.

Only about three percent of federal criminal cases make it to a trial. And, of those, only about three percent result in acquittals or dismissals. Amazing odds and not necessarily suggestive of “justice.”

Was there justice in this case? There’s really no telling these days beyond, here, a prima facia “yes.” My guess is that the jury may have been fed up with the way the government prosecutes criminal cases or this particular one at the least. It could have been a failure to make a case, to present any evidence. I’m certainly aware of none other than the allegedly coerced “confession.”

But it could as easily have been fatigue with a system that utilizes lies to convict for “lies.” A system run by a government with a history of lying, fabricating evidence, concealing evidence, battering witnesses, and indeed coercing statements. A system operated by a government usually as in bed or deeper in bed with associated criminals as the accused. As a reminder: this case confirmed the long-standing rumors about Mateen’s father, international terrorism, and the FBI.

Maybe these 12 people perceived the Deep State in action and did what they could, what they thought right. It would be interesting to poll or interview some of them.

Acquittal aside, this story may still be developing. If so, then more here.

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