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They came to the National Mall by the hundreds of thousands. Kids more accustomed to the mall where the Hollister and Aeropostale stores are, descended on the Yankee Capital to make their voices heard. They brought many of the usual suspects with them. They chanted, ranted, held aloft signs, and expressed their First Amendment rights – in this case, about denying you your Second Amendment rights.

Look at all the concern:



Read those signs (the ones right side up):



USA not NRA!” was the rally cry.

[H]ear the people in power shaking,” said the talented, photogenic Young Hogg.

The people in power are actually laughing. The dream of the tyrants the past 6,000 years or so has been to disarm the people thus making them easier to control. Here, we see a mass representation of a few generations – all clamoring to be made helpless before whatever those in power have in mind.

Some of them say they want a discussion about guns in America. They do not. They want to scream and yell about their narrow, inaccurate portrayal of the one side while completely ignoring the other, demonizing it even. You really can’t have a discussion with a mob anyway.

If you could, then you could point out the statistics, the science, the history, and the truth. None of which would interest this crowd. “Tantrum” comes to mind.

They’re not even coherent in their demands for their own special rights (made while demanding you lose yours). The other day, Young Hogg, acting as the agent for the mob, told the sad tale of the first day back at Parkland High. Officials searched book bags. Hogg and other students were incensed.

You see, Hogg, you and your crowd are screaming about guns being bad, especially at schools. Guns, hand guns at least, can easily be concealed in book bags. So concealed they can be toted into schools. The searches were probably geared towards preventing that and in effect giving you part of what you demanded. Be careful what you wish for.

He said it was a violation of the kids’ First Amendment rights. (They claim to be very big on that). Not sure how that works out, Constitutionally speaking. Maybe the backpacks sport logos the kids wish to express: Nike, Pink, The Packers, etc. Freedom of speech, of expression! An NRA pack would likely not qualify.

It could be that those carrying the packs on their back do so as part of their peaceful assembly. Freedom of assembly! Certain Middle Easterners might extol the virtues of the bags for purposes of carrying the instruments of Jihad. Freedom of religion? That might play up the need for the searches though.

I think he was confused about his amendments. Number Four was the one violated. Of course, that’s an even number, like the Second. And that one is bad. A celebrity or someone from Soros’s outfit must have told Hogg so.

Here’s a picture of Hogg at the March for Madness:


Vox Day.

“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjugated races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subjugated races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police.”

David Hogg Adolf Hitler

I’ve been referring to this affair as a “March for Marx.” I might continue to do so because it works rhetorically and sounds good. Factually, it’s a grey area. Marx, in 1848, was clamoring against gun control and actually spoke of actively arming the people. Of course, the guns would have been government property as there was to be NO private property. Mixed bag.

But that was a theory untested at that early time. When the bullet met the chamber, under men like Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, it turns out that in fact communists (leaders) do not want people armed. It was something about armed people being harder to rob, subjugate, herd into box cars, and slaughter. Or something.

Oops. Sorry to present the wrong part of that “discussion” and a part the mob seems utterly resistant to.

They, some of them, claim they want a mental health database for gun purchases, ownership, and carry. Yes, like laws against murder and disrupting schools (and unwarranted searches of back packs), we already have that. Like most laws it works so well.

I wonder… Would Hogg and his crew want prerequisite mental health checks for all things weaponry? If so, would they like to start with brain scans – MRI’s, etc. – aimed at say, the Amygdala? You know, looking for deformation, shrinkage, abnormality? Such a program might make it impossible for emotional basket cases who March for Marx to obtain firearms.

Oops. There I go again.

The honest kids are right to be concerned about violence. One innocent life lost to guns or anything else is one too many. But, by order of magnitude, should not they perhaps focus first on the heavier causes? There are many of those and most, that I am aware of, tend not to be useful in fighting tyranny. Search whatever record you like and I’m confident you’ll find nothing from Hitler, Lenin, Pot, or any other thug railing against cars, sugar, or doctors. I could be wrong but I think not.

Oh, heck. Started again…

Okay, I’ll just wrap this one up with another, fitting quote, one that sums up this Saturday scene perfectly. From Tiberius, via Tacitus: “Nisti Servitus!” You?