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Another bomb and two more casualties in Austin.

In a press conference on Monday morning, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said though the method of detonation was different, this latest bomb has similarities to three previous explosions in the city that left two dead and two injured.

It happened in the 4800 block of Dawn Song Drive near Mopac and 290 around 8:45 p.m. Sunday.

Austin Police are asking anyone in the Travis Country neighborhood with security cameras to notify the department right away in hopes of finding any information on the suspect or suspects.

The area is now safe, police say, but the neighborhood will remain locked down until 2 p.m.

Manley says investigators are “working under the belief” that the explosives are similar, but Sunday’s bomb was on the side of the road, not on a front porch.

The side of the road. Like an IED in Iraq or somewhere. Something is starting to smell. Also stinking is the silence of the commies who March for Marx over the NRA, you, and your guns. No #boxcontrol? #IEDcontrol? Just silence. Hmmm…