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A young, perhaps idealistic, Greek woman learned the hard way why we of the West really can’t have solidarity with people who don’t care for us and only want to mooch and cause trouble.

It all started on the 2nd of October 2016, when the female victim and her boyfriend attended a solidarity event for refugees at their university in the city of Thessaloniki.

After the party, the student and her boyfriend were passing through the university’s yard, when suddenly three migrants attacked them with broken bottles and tied them up.

The immigrants forced the woman to perform oral sex and robbed her, while at the same time, only a few meters away, the solidarity event to support refugees was in full swing.

The Greek police managed to arrest 3 immigrants, aged 19, 22 and 29, from Algeria and Syria for the rape case. Inside the men’s apartment, the police found drugs, 5,500 euros in cash, as well as stolen jewellery.

I wonder if the young couple still feels the same way about welcoming terrorists and criminals into civilization?


Steven Crowder/Twitter.

There is a reason they’re referred to as “RAPEfugees.”

Don’t feed the bears rapists criminals migrants.