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So, the lovely young ladies kindly dragged me off to the mall today. There, as I observed the wildlife from my blind in the food court, I saw a fella wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Lettered on the front, it read: “Tattooed AND Employed”. His partially rolled-up sleeves verified the first part of the imprinted statement.

Maybe there’s some truth to this story:

“Times have changed,” Cannon [someone with tattoo(s)] said, adding that perceptions that tattoos are just for rebels and rock stars are fading. “People are using tattoos to express themselves. You actually learn a lot about a people just through their ink.”

A 2016 poll found that about 3 in 10 Americans had at least one tattoo, up from about 2 in 10 just four years earlier, and the younger they were, the more likely they were to have a tattoo: 47% of millennials — people in their 20s and 30s — had a tattoo; followed by 36% of gen Xers and 13% of baby boomers.

Moreover, the poll showed, a majority of Americans said they’d be comfortable seeing a person with a tattoo in a range of jobs including teachers, coaches, pediatricians, judges — and even presidential candidates.

And while Americans are getting more comfortable with tattoos in the office, they also seem increasingly adverse to wearing ties, which, for years, were part of the professional man’s uniform.

Read on to the part about employees and customers gleefully, willingly branded and paying homage to their corporate masters. Nisti servitus. Okay…

Rock stars. Rebels. Sailors. Inmates. Judges. And presidential candidates. Hey, why not? We already elect idiots, potheads, drunks, noncitizens, socialists, actors, and many other sorts of embarassingly unqualified goofs. A little “art” might brighten up the end Repubire (condensed Republic and Empire).

The bad news is that similar and not-too-unrelated polls, surveys, and studies find that America has become a mental basketcase. The good news, assuming we still have electricity and petrol in a decade or two, is that there may be a massive demand for tattoo removal. Kids of Gen Z, consider dermatology!

Also, as Carlin once remarked, “Americans LOVE the mall.” Shopping and eating! Light up sneakers. Things they don’t need. Short pants.


Yeah! I wonder if a PL.me or FP.com tat would be appropriate. I’m no rock star. Rick Nease/Detroit Free Enough Press.