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The people the current President has around him, and the advice they give, are rather suspect. Take AG Sessions and the issue of illegal aliens in California. Various state and local authorities in the Golden Land O’ The Bear are engaged in aiding and abetting known illegals under color of CA law. Sessions decided to sue them in federal court:

So far, though, his arguments have made little headway in federal court, where judges in San Francisco and elsewhere have rejected efforts to strip federal funds from sanctuary jurisdictions that refuse to comply with Justice Department edicts.

The suits by California, San Francisco and other sanctuary jurisdictions challenge conditions the department has sought to attach to federal funding, while the Justice Department’s suit directly challenges the California laws. But the central issue in all of them appears to be whether sanctuary laws are a proper exercise of state and local government’s authority over law enforcement or an unconstitutional intrusion by those governments into federal immigration law.

There’s been no luck whatsoever on the civil side of the federal courts so … let’s try it again. Something about the definition of insanity.

18. U. S. C. 1324. Felonies. Crime. Indictments. This is how the FedGov usually seeks to manipulate behavior. Whether it’s home boys with drugs, good ol’ boys with guns, or political types with beach houses, the formula is the same. They pile on the criminal charges, the suspects enter pleas, then the courts just hand down recommended sentences. Works 97% of the time.

Or there’s the Enemy Combatant route, which I long ago heard John Yoo promote and extol as perfectly Constitutional. Seems everyone who counts – the courts, Congress, two prior administrations, etc. – are A-okay with that approach. And that system has already been used “successfully” on both foreign nationals and US citizens.

But, here and now, Sessions goes the same old civil route. Hmmm?

Maybe the man should return to Alabama and resume baking cookies in the tree.


I see a vague resemblance. You? Business Insider.