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There’s a culture war, believe it or not. Darkness pervades both sides.

A representative story from the left:

Facebook asks users: should we allow men to ask children for sexual images?

Facebook has admitted it was a “mistake” to ask users whether paedophiles requesting sexual pictures from children should be allowed on its website.

On Sunday, the social network ran a survey for some users asking how they thought the company should handle grooming behaviour. “There are a wide range of topics and behaviours that appear on Facebook,” one question began. “In thinking about an ideal world where you could set Facebook’s policies, how would you handle the following: a private message in which an adult man asks a 14-year-old girl for sexual pictures.”

The surveys with optional answers:


Facebook/The Guardian.

“Facebook decides the rules with advice from external experts” is the only plausibly reasonable answer so long as the “external experts” are the police.

A better option would have been: “Said potential message(s) constituting (possible felony) criminal solicitation, Facebook should immediately freeze or lock out the offending account(s) and immediately report the interactions to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for prosecution. Failure to do so by Facebook, with actual knowledge of the message(s), would likely constitute criminal accessory support of child exploitation. All such activity is morally reprehensible to, incompatible with, and intolerable by any civilized nation or people.”

So interesting, telling, that they left off a criminal activity option. Even more telling they sent out the survey in the first place. Yes, a mistake (now that they’re caught). It all speaks to “the narrative,” which has now progressed to the normalization of pedos (and next: bestiality, necrophilia, and cannibalism). Diversity, you know.

For God’s or nature’s sake, Facebook, please reclaim a little dignity!

In the culture war, raging in this rather dark world, one would almost expect this from Facebook, one of the biggest socials, a group partly dedicated to allowing things like ISIS propaganda while banning, even supporting the criminalization of, those who would protest barbarism. Par for the course. One would suspect this evil progressivism from the left. One gets it, suspecting or not.

Yet such pathetic sickness also runs rampant on the other side:


An Italian archdiocese is embroiled in scandal as reports are surfacing of a gay priest on trial for allegations of blackmail, embezzlement and other crimes.

Father Luca Morini, known to his flock as “Don Euro” for his extravagant lifestyle, has recently been scheduled for a hearing in the Court of Massa, the medieval town in Tuscany where he used to run two parishes. The preliminary hearing is set to take place on March 8, where the judge will examine the evidence for accusations of fraud, drug distribution, embezzlement, extortion and self-laundering.

The case began when male escort, Francesco Mangiacapra, decided to go public about services he had been rendering to Fr. Morini, who falsely presented himself as a judge. When the escort found out that his prodigal client was a simple parish priest, he decided to inquire about the financial source for all the lavish dinners and expensive gifts. Mangiacapra suspected the money came from the faithful and decided to report Fr. Morini to the diocese of Massa Carrara-Pontremoli.

Last week Mangiacapra handed a 1,200-page dossier to the archdiocese of Naples with documents (including sexually explicit pictures) that prove the escort’s involvement with 60 priests from all over Italy. Explaining his motivations to newspaper Corriere della Sera, Mangiacapra said, “The goal isn’t to hurt the people I’ve mentioned [in the dossier], but to help them understand that their double life … isn’t useful to them or to the people who rely on them for guidance.”

He continued, “Their behavior is, in many cases, a result of the impunity that the high hierarchy of the Church has made habitual: that unjust tolerance that feeds the idea that it is possible to separate that which is lived from that which is professed, as typical of those who have a schizophrenic, double morality.”

See also: Allegations about 40 gay priests in Italy sent to Vatican (also with allegations of pedo activities).

Okay, Dear God, where to go with this? Factual confirmation to support a million stereotypes and anti-pedo-Catholic jokes. What, exactly, does it mean when a homosexual prostitute has more moral integrity, more conscious, than the Church, from top to bottom?!

In the name of Jesus Christ, Pope Francis, drive the freaks and criminals from the Holy ranks!!!

A suspicion generating culture drives rumors and nicknames like “Don Euro.” The Church did nothing. There had to be a financial paper trail. The Church did nothing. Somebody knew something. The Church did nothing. Someone wrote a letter. The Church did more nothing. An escort came froward with A 1,200 PAGE REPORT!!!! The Church did even more nothing. The police filed charges. The Church still did nothing.

When, finally, the story leaked to the press, the Church at last acted. They reacted with more Euros, a private villa, maids, and CYA excuses.

Christ promised that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against” the Church. Matthew 16:18. He did not promise that hell would not occasionally crash right up against the gates of the Church. Maybe, just maybe, instead of feeding the fires of communism and globalism, the Church could do a little pushing back against the crashing evil.

This particular story is in Italy. I guarantee it isn’t geographically limited to the one nation. And the Italian people, that fleeced, bereft flock, are more than ready to man and defend the gates.

They’re doing it politically:

Italy Faces Political Paralysis After Populist Shock

The WSJ doesn’t even know what to make of this uprising. I see various possible combinations for coalition building – for Italy – not for the EU, nor the globalist usurpers, nor the foreign invaders. They may not have had such good news since the time they caught Benito at the gas station.

May the spirit of righteous resistance spread to the Church, the socials, and the rest of the West. Light unto the darkness; the surreal brought to bay.