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I don’t recall ever hearing so much about gun control as now. “Common sense” gun control. “Reasonable” gun control. “Hunters don’t need…” It’s coming from the usual sources: The Coalition to Stop Freedom, the Democrat Party, Tide Pod-eating millennial students, the American Pravda. And, now, we’re getting it from: Republicans, The Trump, DELTA, Dick’s Sports, and Walmart.

Some of the hysteria I could almost understand. I am solidly against gun violence, any violence, really. But I’m also against lies, tyranny, and communism.

So, here’s a reminder of who currently favors gun control along with some historical supporters (it’s all about the company one keeps/list in not all-inclusive):

Michael Bloomberg;

Diane Feinnstein;

Barry Obama;

Adolf Hitler;

Pol Pot;

Donald Trump;

Chuck Schumer;

Mao Zedong;

Adolf Eichmann;

Hillary Clinton;

Bill Clinton;

Chipper Jones;

Joseph Stalin;

Karl Marx;

Some actors paid millions to “kill” with guns on screen;

Saddam Hussein;

Vladimir Lenin;

Idi Amin;

Robert Mugabe;

Sarah Brady;

Benito Mussolini;

Nancy Pelosi;

Francisco Franco;

Matt Damon;

Abraham Lincoln;

Rick Scott;

Kim Jong-Il;

Kim Jong-Un;

Muammar Gaddafi;

Fidel Castro;

Slobodan Milosevic;

Chiang Kai-shek;

Kim Il-sung;

Ho Chi Minh;

Nikita Khrushchev; and

Hideki Tojo.

Sure, some of them murdered a few hundred million people but their hearts were (are) in the right place. It’s common sense, really.

The truth is part and parcel with common sense. Tomorrow I’m running a video and a list of gun/murder stats at FP which is intended to interject a little truth into the current mass hysteria. I’ll copy a link here, then.

It will also feature largely into Prepper News Weekly tomorrow.

Copy of Prepper News Weekly

Perrin Lovett/FPTV.

See you then, comrades.