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Another survey finds the USA slipping a little. Have a gander:


US News.

I find it interesting they only surveyed 80 countries. Honestly, they left off more than a few decent places and almost all of the sh@#holes… And I question their methodology – not merely for ranking the US so highly – but overall. For instance, for the US, they seem to think things would be better if only the $4 Trillion a year federal budget were a little bigger, if the government were a little bigger. They seem bothered by the electoral loss of someone who would have made it all bigger, someone who might have risked colluding in a coup to get elected. Odd.

May have more on this one tomorrow or this week. Some of my short list nations were absent (Haiti, et al…).

See what you think. And, Americans (and embedded aliens too), take pride: the US is still number one at slinging bombs and printing fiat!