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Okay, Christmas is over and business is business. I’m back in the gym this week (though I suffered no holiday-associated poundage increase). It’s going great.

I suspect that a few of you may also be working out, trotting around, resolved and such to get back into shape. Good. Here’s a secret:

For building muscle, burning fat, raising the pulse, etc., there really is no better exercise than my old nemesis friend, the deadlift.

I restart my program tomorrow, the third “restart” in the past 18 months. Restarts are okay; it means moving forward.

Here’s a good article by David Robson, Bodybuilding.com, on the mighty lift:

Deadlifts: The King Of Mass-Builders?

Probably. Read it.

A lovely demonstration:


Nice … form. Bodybuilding.com.

For me, the DL only causes mild aggravation to the following: temples, jaw, neck, shoulders, upper back, forearms, wrists, lower back, hips, behind, thighs, knees, shins, calves, ankles, feet, toes, ego, and attitude… Then again, it only boosts those areas in exceeding measure too.

So, have at it. Leave the treadmill for the treadmillers and pay a visit to Ironland.

The Ode:

Deadlift, deadlift,

Aching knees and back,

Once, twice, three times a…

Hell, just go to the gym already.