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I really can’t emphasis how important, if localized, this case and decision are.

From my Freedom Prepper article today:

Friends, this is simply huge. The criminal case against Cliven Bundy and his associates, has been dismissed with prejudice. That means it is over and cannot be re-tried. The government, the judge found yesterday, committed such horribly abuses of discovery and due process as to make a fair trail impossible.

Let this be a lesson and an inspiration for all preppers, freedom lovers, and real American patriots.


Here’s the amended CRIMINAL COMPLAINT from the criminal government. I could not find the Dismissal Order, yet.

I have some experience trying criminal cases in state and federal courts. This is not an isolated issue; it’s just that in this case justice was actually served. Here’s my reaction:

Perrin Lovett Show/FPTV/YouTube.


Let it ring!