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So this morning, as usual, I read today’s Pearls Before Swine panel. It was unusual but unusually good. See it HERE.


Pearls, Dec. 7, 2017. Pastis/Go Comics.

Based on Pastis’s and Pig’s soul-searching I did a Google search and settled for his (Pastis’s) page at Wikipedia (Infogalactic it’s not, but they try). I found something very interesting.

A while back I noted my Big Four daily comics: Garfield, Pearls, Get Fuzzy, and Dilbert. 

It turns out that three of the four have more in common than just my liking them. There’s a Peanuts connections too. Charles Schulz was Pastis’s mentor going into the field. A little later Pastis received public praise from Scott Adams (Dilbert) which launched his career. Pastis later collaborated with and learned from Darby Conley (Get Fuzzy).

I looked around for a connection to Jim Davis and Garfield but couldn’t find one. So I made one. Via this article (and a few in the past) the two titans are hereby linked.

Carry on.