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Maybe it’s Multis duo. Or, A multis multa.

Either way, he’s right: the people in America have very little in common these days.

During an interview broadcast on Wednesday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” Justice Clarence Thomas stated that he doesn’t know what Americans can say they have in common as a country.

Host Laura Ingraham asked Thomas, “Are you surprised that — how things are still so rancorous in the United States today about foundational issues? Not about — just foundational issues, the anthem and so forth?”

He answered, “No, I’m not surprised. I mean, what binds us? What do we all have in common anymore? I think we have to think about that. I think this is — when I was a kid, even as we had laws that held us apart, there were things that we held dear and that we all had in common. And I think we have to — we always talk about E pluribus unum. What’s our unum now? We have the pluribus. What’s the unum? And I think it’s a great country. I think we, for whatever reasons, have made it our — some people have decided that the Constitution isn’t worth defending, that history isn’t worth defending, that the culture and principles aren’t worth defending. And, certainly, if you are in my position, they have to be worth defending. That’s what keeps you going. That’s what energizes you. … I don’t know what it is that we have, we can say instinctively, we have as a country in common.”

There’s a meme of an SJW chick, saying: “Everything I don’t like should be banned; everything I do like is a human right and should be paid for by someone else.” Representative of not a small percentage of the population. Another group would like to slap such larcenous people. Others just want to be left alone to work and live peacefully. Some just want to run over innocent bicyclists with assault trucks.

Something to think about – except that many no longer think or even read (at least not English – certainly not Latin).


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