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That was an actual Drudge headline. See:



This story is a little different than the usual flying car hype job in that a German startup did really get a prototype off the ground.


2.6 Million viewers – not bad. And I am impressed that the thing flew. However, that does not equate to being able to purchase and fly one for personal transportation. Not yet.

Neither the Times story nor the company placed the usual time frame on delivery. That’s usually anywhere between “later this year” and “never.” Remember, I’ve been following these things for over 25 years.

300 KPH (186 MPH) ain’t bad. A 300 Km range is. And I’d like to see the prototype operate with passengers. Could it?

I’ve said before, “I’ll believe it when I fly it.” I stand by that. And I really do want to believe.

So, let’s go, Lilium, or whomever. Wheels up!