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More extreme than the ice bucket. Ivan Throne does the Pepper Spray Challenge. It’s like the ice but it’s pepper spray. In the eyes. While continuing to do squats.


Before you click any further – don’t try this at home! Unless you want to or need to … anyway:

Ivan Throne/YouTube.


Dark Triad Man.

I’ll say it again: Do not mess with the Dark Triad Man.

This is actually pretty good training if you’re going to the front lines against the antifa communists. They regularly deploy the spray in their pursuit of peace and harmony. Wonder if Soros pay for it too? I would say avoid places where they or other protesting zombie groups might congregate but, then again, I avoid almost all places unless they sell cigars and/or booze.

Yes, I took the challenge myself – doing deadlifts. Funny thing was the camera wasn’t working. Odd, that. Oh heck…

I will regale you with a similar funny story. Once I dined at an Indian restaurant. They must have been a little short-staffed as the owner herself took our order. I got something curry. We’ll say it was chicken. (Always say chicken).

She asked sweetly: “How would you like that?”

Me: “Hot!”

Her, again sweetly: “Your hot? Or OUR hot?”

Me: “Your hot.”

I ate it. It was THEIR hot. And it was darned good though the after effects lasted for a week maybe.

If you feel compelled to try the challenge at home and under the given hypothetical circumstances, then I might offer an alternative exercise. Maybe start with weights or something. Then get sprayed. Then immediately drop the bar and practice close-quarters, close-retention, fast draws with rapid antifa communist ventilation.

The capsaicin should help eliminate the urge to aim, which you shouldn’t do in these drills anyway. Just point and click, rapidly and repeatedly. Then go have “their hot” at the local Indian/Thai/Vietnamese place. Odds are you won’t even notice.

And, yes, I am getting around to the massacre on 129 – sooner or later. Probably later.