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His own club, no less. I like Floyd Mayweather:

It’s 2:47 a.m. Thursday morning, maybe 66 hours from the richest fight of his career, and Floyd Mayweather is bouncing around the Girl Collection gentlemen’s club here.

All around him music booms and women dance and singles flitter through the air. Mayweather greets friends and checks in with management. This is his club. He bought it and opened it a few months back. It’s become a home away from home, including or even especially, during the grind of his final training camp, even here on fight week.

Some would wonder if hanging out in a gentlemen’s club into the wee hours of the morning is the best way to prepare for a fast approaching fight, but Mayweather laughs that off. He is, as a matter of point, 49-0 in his career heading into Saturday’s bout with Conor McGregor.

There is no one else on earth who knows more about not just what it takes to win, but to never lose.


Girl Collection… Daily Mail.

I like him so much to warn him or McGregor hooks, particularly the lefts. This should be a breeze for a boxer against MMA but I don’t think it will be. Part of me is calling McGregor by the 3rd with a KO. He can actually box though half of his arsenal (kicking and take-downs) will be off limits.

Should be a great fight.

I wonder if we can get Mayweather smoking cigars?