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Who knew the Spanish had a statue of Robert E. Lee? It has to come down. Now!

No… This is, in all likelihood, ISIS or Independence Separatists. 13 are reported dead, many injured, and some held hostage.

Update 3: According to El Mundo the number of dead increased to 13. Additionally, as the Telegraph adds, Police stationed at the cordon a block away from Plaza Catalunya, on Passeig de Gracia, say they have no information what is happening inside. Confused tourists, shoppers and business owners gathered at its edges, awaiting some word or direction as to what to do.

The Catalan police say they are treating the crash as a suspected terrorist attack but cannot yet confirm the motive. According to media reports, the attack vehicle was a rented van. That would suggest, if this is confirmed as a terrorist attack, that terrorists are imitating the perpetrators of the London Bridge attack, where a rented van was also used.

Sky News reports that police are now looking for a second van that may have been involved in the attack.

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Update 2: Daksha Dixit, a 28 year old tourist visiting from Mumbai with family, told the Telegraph they had been on a tourist bus which had just dropped them off one block from Plaza Cataluña when they heard the news. “We got off and people were panicking, no one knew what was going on. There was panic everywhere.” The family arrived just yesterday for a one week trip and their hotel is on the Ramblas inside the cordon. They were unclear as to what exactly was unfolding, with Miss Dixit adding: “I don’t know what to do”.

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Update 1: According to Reuters, two armed men have holed up inside a Turkish restaurant after the crash and have taken hostages, while El Periodico tweets that there was an active shootout in the area, in what the Barclona police now say is considered a “terrorist attack.”


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One truly tires of this garbage.