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Bombing airliners is so 1980’s. Still they try:

Australia was terrifyingly close to witnessing the nation’s worst ever terror atrocity, with hundreds of people blown out of the sky on a routine Saturday flight to the Middle East, it emerged today.

If the alleged ISIS-led plot had been successful, the Etihad jet would have been downed by a bomb unwittingly carried on board by one of the suspect’s brothers.

With full details of the plot yet to emerge – and others shrouded in secrecy for legal reasons – the Australian public have only been fed titbits of information this week.

But at a press conference this morning, an hour before two of the suspected ringleaders appeared in court, the chilling allegations were laid out to a shocked media.

In essence, a bomb was allegedly carried into Sydney Airport on July 15 to be detonated aboard flight EY451. It never made it aboard. Hundreds of lives were spared.

But once these details had been digested, one terrifying question lingered: How did nobody in Australia know about a plot that had been ordered in Syria and involved parts being sent from Turkey to Sydney in international air cargo?



AAIP / Daily Mail.

They knew. Someone knew, British or American intel at the least. Remember Perrin’s First Law: the suspects are always known in advance.