The cigar community and the prepper/survivalist community overlap somewhat. I would know; I write professionally for both. Not all preppers smoke cigars but many (a majority maybe) of cigar enthusiasts engage in some form of survival activities whether they think so or not. These tend to be employed or self-employed professionals of one sort or another. Most have something worth protecting. Most are conservative or libertarian leaning.


I’ve found that gun culture and the cigar hobby are almost synonymous. If you’re in a cigar shop lounge, odds are someone around you is carrying. It’s also likely that someone there is woefully out of shape. A little less food and drink would benefit many the cigar aficionado.

Something else to benefit the clique is a consideration of how the hobby might be impacted by an emergency situation. Everyone enjoys a good cigar or they should. What happens when or if the grid goes…

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