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The President held a Come-to-Jesus meeting with generals last month over American strategy (or lack thereof) in Afghanistan.

“We aren’t winning,” Trump complained, according to these officials. “We are losing.”

One official said Trump pointed to maps showing the Taliban gaining ground, and that Mattis responded to the president by saying the U.S. is losing because it doesn’t have the strategy it needs.

The White House declined to comment on internal deliberations.

The President says we are losing and the SecDef admits it is so – because strategy.

Lindsey Graham says Trump needs to listen to the generals “who have been in the fight” or else “Afghanistan is going to collapse.” I think he means listen to the same guys with(out) the strategy which has led to our losing which is kind of like a collapse. Of course, with Graham it’s hard to tell what the hell he’s talking about or thinking on anything.

We’re closing in on 16 years in Afghanistan. Four times as long as it took to beat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan concurrently. Those countries had real militaries that fought back viciously. That’s also four times as long as it took Lincoln to defeat the Constitution CSA.

At this point the neo-Confederates have got to be liking their chances. So must the CALEXITers, Vermont Republicans, and anyone really looking forward to 2033.


Dave Granlund.

Amazingly, some in New York and DC still want a war with Russia, or China, or Iran, or North Korea, or all of them (plus maybe a few more) at the same time. A strategy (or lack thereof) that can’t beat the Taliban in a decade and a half has no hope whatsoever against Russia.

A better strategy for Asia and elsewhere might be to hang it up and start minding our own business. The troops might serve better at home rounding up central bankers, Senators, SJWs, MS-13, ISIS, and other criminals.