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The other day and out of the blue my daughter rattled off some stats about how soon the robots and AI will rise to power. I was impressed someone other than me was interested. Then again, she’s my daughter. (It’s soon, by the way).

And it could always happen even sooner. The machines are evolving.



A Facebook AI experiment almost got away from the experimenters.

Facebook has recently developed a new artificial intelligence (AI), and it has since created its own language using code words to communicate more efficiently. Researchers promptly shut the system down over concerns that they might lose control over the A.I.

This isn’t the first time AIs have diverged from their training in the English language to develop their own, more efficient language. While the resulting phrases from this condensed method of communication sound like gibberish to the human ear, they do in fact make semantic sense when interpreted by AI agents.

If AI continue to create their own languages, developers may have problems creating and adopting new neural networks, but it’s unclear whether this would allow machines to actually overrule their operators.

These new developments, however, allow AI to work more efficiently, and can benefit research teams in the long run if they put in the work to learn the new AI-created shorthand and stay up to date with this new method of communication.


What are your thoughts on this? Have we gone too far? Is a Terminator scenario just around the corner? Or is the advancement of technology in this manner just a natural part of our evolution as humans on this planet?

Around the corner? No. It seems the scenario is already in the lab waiting on us to fall asleep. And considering what Facebook and the other tech giants are up to, they may make the least competent defenders in this war.