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Unlooked for, unprovoked, and whether you like it or not.

Two (three) examples in the recent news headlines:

Muslim gang rampaged through Liverpool attacking strangers because they were white “non-Muslims”. Who would ever expect to find white non-Muslims (Christians) in a place like England?! This was probably a reaction to all that “privilege;” and at least it didn’t involve a machete:

Machete-wielding man ‘screaming Allahu Akbar’ kills one person and injures several others during rampage in Hamburg supermarket. I’ve been wondering when “Aloha Snackbar!” would return this summer… In places like Hamburg the bladed attacks have become so prevalent that the Polizei now sport chain mail armor (Sixth Century problem, Sixth Century solution). The motives for the attack may never be known…

Both of these stories illustrate that the new realities will come upon you, out-of-the-blue, just because you are you. It also happened in Alabama:

Lesbian mom asks Christian judge to recuse himself from divorce case. It’s funny that you have to bake the cake but you can’t hear the case. These rules… The preemptive demand (and appeal) have failed thus far.

Look around and you’ll start to notice more and more of these stories, perhaps even involving you. Doubtless you did not ask for it, but it’s here nonetheless.


“British” “teens.” The Echo.