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Two subjects from modern Christianity: one Catholic, the other Protestant – both uncomfortably related.

First, offbeat Catholics in Brazil make deals with the Devil in furtherance of the “conservative” agenda.

If I read that one right, Satan controls climate change. Therefore he can get rid of Pope Francis. This will allow in a conservative Pope and possibly rescind Vatican II. This would be so far fetched as to almost seem fictional. Except that is how some people attempt to abuse religion. “Dangerous” isn’t even close…

On a somewhat related note, my favorite Baptist preacher, Chuck Baldwin, admonishes the American Evangelicals to drop the “war fever.” This, a jingoistic pseudo-philosophy, attempts the same sort of outcome as the aforementioned deal makings – minus the direct conversations with the Devil.

The spirit of war will never be extinguished from our country until it is first extinguished from our churches. A sizeable percentage of all of the evangelical/fundamentalist churches in America today are splits and splinters off of other churches. Christians will fight at the drop of hat. They will split a church at the drop of a hat. They are filled with the spirit of war.

A people, who can’t stop fighting each other over the slightest doctrinal interpretations, naturally incline towards wanting to fight others. In this instance, just substitute the U.S. government and its lies for Satan and his. Slightly different game, same effect.

It was raining last night and it was raining this morning. How many feet per cubit?


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