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Mainly for men. There’s a whole lot of truth in this one:

If you are the primary wage earner in the middle of a divorce, you are likely the victim of a hidden trap that you may never become aware of even when the divorce is finally over.

The process of modern divorce is a crime. It is an exercise in wealth transfer. But who will put a stop to it? Divorce today is not fair, but it is legal. Somebody told me in divorce nobody in the courtroom believes anybody is telling the truth, certainly not the attorneys and sometimes not even the judge. Be forewarned.

Much of this comes from a layman’s perspective, which is a good thing, here. I knew this was Cali-based before it was stated (“pro per” and community property, etc.). However, the experience, especially for men, is nearly universal across the country. Please pay attention to everything he warns about if you are: 1) getting a divorce; 2) unhappily married, or 3) thinking about getting married.

A few facts:

Women initiate most divorces;

Divorce is more common than cancer;

Women “win” in divorce cases at least 75% of the time despite usually being at least 50% of the problem(s);

Women, according to every study conducted in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, are the majority of domestic violence aggressors (despite the facts that women grossly over-report and that men grossly under-report);

This system is rigged, it was designed to be rigged;

Domestic courts are a sham in America;

Courts are a sham in America;

The law is a sham in America;

No one seems to care, at all, about any of this.

Do take heart that, eventually (and that may be a loooong time), the offending party will self-destruct. However, like a truck bomb, this usually takes out half the neighborhood.

A note: the “private judges” Sardi writes about are usually known as mediators or arbitrators. Do beware of them along with Guardians, friends of the court, and other expensive meddlers. Also know that they are frequently mandated the courts. This, while not binding, can be expensive. It can also be a useful trial-run for determining how much of a case you and the other side may have (not that often matters in a rigged system) – make of it what you will, if you have to do it.

Again, consider Sardi’s advice. I have three additional points which go a long way towards preventing any of these headaches, heart attacks, robberies, and jail terms from ever happening to any man. They are as depressing as the are effective. Accordingly, I withhold them…

It’s a Trap!


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