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A federal judge just ruled to weaken President Trump’s travel ban so as to allow in even more “refugees” and their family members. This, on the heels of a unanimous Supreme Court ruling to uphold and vindicate the restrictions. Play legal games, win legal prizes.

And, does it really matter?

There is an administration imposed cap on “refugees” coming into the U.S. Obviously it has the same effect on immigration that the debt ceiling has on drunken Congressional spending – zero. We’ve hit the cap but more keep coming, seeking the ghost of Emanuel Cellar.

The U.S. has reached the Trump administration’s limit of 50,000 refugees for this budget year. That won’t stop some additional refugees from entering the United States in the next few months, but they will now face tighter standards.

A Supreme Court order last month said the administration must admit refugees beyond the 50,000 cap if they can prove a “bona fide relationship” with a person or entity in the United States. That was part of a broader ruling that allowed President Donald Trump to partially administer his contested travel ban affecting six Muslim majority countries.

As of Wednesday, 50,086 refugees have been admitted since the budget year began last October.

Students and scholars, all, no doubt.


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