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First, I’d like to officially claim this:

Perrin’s 1st Law of Terrorism: Terrorists are always known in advance by authorities. Always.

I’ve been saying that over and over for a while (because it’s true); now it’s mine. Thank you.

Second, the how or why of being known may vary. It’s usually because the actor has been investigated or arrested by the police, either in the jurisdiction of the attack or elsewhere, for prior terror activities. Sometimes, maybe more times than one would assume, it’s because the Jihadist(s) have worked for or are working with the government itself.

This is nothing new. Guess who Osama Bin Laden worked for prior to becoming the FBI’s number one most wanted man on Earth. Yeah. Informants, assets, freelancers, contractors, freedom fighters, resistance, spies – many types of relationship are possible. For further example, see whatever the U.S. is doing in Syria right now.

This pattern works in other places too. Places like England. It now seems that Salman Abedi (Manchester Ariana Grande concert Aloha Snackbar-er) and MI5 (British Domestic Intelligence) had such a relationship. Kurt Nimmo explores that:

On this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we uncover Salman Abedi’s, the Manchester suicide bomber, link to British intelligence. MI5 explains that it missed warnings on Abedi despite one sent by the FBI. This is part of a larger pattern. Since the 1990s, the British government has given jihadi terrorists a free hand to preach hate and murder while they worked simultaneously with British secret services. Leading imams Anjem Choudary, Omar Bakri, Abu Hamza al-Masri, and others have cooperated with the government. Intelligence agencies from Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands have repeatedly warned British authorities about the terror plans of these dangerous individuals, and yet they were allowed to continue their work.

Nimmo speculates on the reason behind this; I won’t, here, allowing his theory to stand in for one of mine.

Consider this the next time you’re forced to contemplate Perrin’s 1st Law of Terrorism (soon). It kind of blows a big, gaping, Aloha Snackbar-style crater in that whole “tha govmint gon’ protect you” BS.


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