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Some have speculated as to why ISIS never seems to target Israel despite the Jewish State being right there in the middle of the Middle East. Let’s now put that speculation to rest. ISIS claimed responsibility for the murder of a policewoman Friday night in Jerusalem. The only people doubting the claim are Israeli officials (to their credit, they do have more than one terror group to worry about).

The Islamic State on Friday night claimed responsibility for a coordinated shooting and stabbing terror attack in Jerusalem that killed an Israeli police officer, Hadas Malka, 23, in what the jihadist group vowed would be the first of many attacks.

The jihadist group in an online statement said three IS fighters had targeted “a gathering of Jews” in an operation Friday, and warned that “this attack will not be the last.”

“With God’s help, we succeeded in carrying out an attack in the heart of Jerusalem,” the group said.

This was the first time that the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for an attack in Israel, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist organizations.

By my reckoning this is not the first ISIS sponsored attack there though I will defer to The Times story and SITE. The attack came in the middle of Ramadan, when the Israelis kindly (foolishly) gave permission for Palestinians to enter Jerusalem to visit relatives. The permission is now revoked.


They use ceramic knives, here and in London, etc., because they are super sharp. These animals mean business. The Times / Israeli Police.

As ALWAYS, the attackers were previously known to the police:

The attackers were from Deir Abu-Mashal, a village near Ramallah, and had previously been arrested for or involved in “terrorist activity,” a Shin Bet statement said. Security forces late Friday night surrounded Deir Abu-Mash’al, and were preparing to raid the assailants’ homes to question their family members regarding the attack.

Known after being arrested for prior “terrorist activity.” ALWAYS.

Not that you’ll read much (if any) of this in the worthless American press, but it will be interesting to see the Israeli response. They’re known to be a little intolerant when it comes to terrorism.

One wonders if or when they will host a candlelight vigil to express solidarity with the people trying to kill them. Is Ariana available?