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The IRA never operated in Iraq. ISIS does.

The IRA didn’t kidnap children when their parents couldn’t afford to pay a Christian tax. The IRA didn’t impose a Christian tax. The IRA never offered the choice between: paying the Christian tax, converting to the IRA, or being beheaded.

Christians who did not or could not escape in time were faced with an ultimatum – pay a tax for protection, convert to Islam, or die by the sword. Some, like Christina, were kidnapped.

Christian families who remained in Qaraqosh were forcibly displaced on Aug. 22, 2014. The militants took away Christina from the minibus which had driven them to the edge of Islamic State territory, after threatening Aida, who desperately resisted.

The family’s efforts to track her though Arab friends were rewarded on Friday, when they got a call telling them Christina had been found in Hayy al-Tanak, a poor neighborhood of Mosul.

Thank God she’s back with her family.

Iraqi Christina Ezzo Abada sits next to her sister inside a cramped home at a refugee camp in Erbil


By the way, Jethro, there are Christians in the Middle East. When you “nuke it,” you’ll incinerate them.

And, blue-hairs, the Sharia you were supporting yesterday backs kidnappings like this in addition to FGM.

Sorry for the brief interruption. Back to the electronic cave.