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I’m not aware of the IRA ever attacking Paris. ISIS does and did again today: Hammer-Wielding Jihadi hammered by police bullets.

French media cited a source close to the inquiry as saying the injured assailant claimed to be a “soldier of the Caliphate”, presumed to be a reference to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).


The Telegraph.

Come to think of it, the IRA never attacked Canada either. Guess who did? Also today.

These were small attacks, mere pin-pricks. 10,000 little pin-pricks punctuated by the occasional massacre, train bombing, or multiple jet strikes on skyscrapers.

It probably won’t make the news but AS ALWAYS the authorities in Paris and in Toronto were already aware of the assailants. Always.

Oh, and that fake indignation crap wasted no time in manifesting itself either.

***My short no-article on Reality “Crossfit” Winner (Real Name) garnered ridiculous interest today. No quite viral. Maybe bacterial. Thanks. I have a theory a-forming about the whole case. I think I shall keep that to myself. It also flashed through my mind to pay her attorney a visit and ask a few questions. Or even her. I know where she is and could easily get in. Not that she would tell me the truth of what transpired in Belize between her and her actual superiors. No matter.