I have this thing bout being one or two steps ahead of the news and the culture. Part of it is educated trend-spotting. Other parts are telepathy, intuition,and blind luck.

Today, as I nurse a slight sunburn, I offer you the chance to go one step ahead yourselves. Here’s a must watch feature:

Vox Day on Finding Success (30 min.)

A short description from Vox’s blog: “Sometimes it helps to reflect upon why you didn’t get somewhere before you try to start going somewhere else. Tonight’s Darkstream addresses how to go about making success rather than avoiding failure.”

Here’s the kicker: I haven’t watched it. Not yet. Sunburn… But I trust the source. I’m sure Vox has experienced one setback after another (the eggs and omelet phenomenon). However, one would never know that based on his public succession of successes.


VD / Periscope.

Watch this and take heed if you’re struggling with something.

PS: I also like that his video skills are on par with mine. Success can be simple.