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Again and again and again. Seems like we’re averaging two a week now. More are on the way. It’s like someone is trying to tell us something.

Please take any one of my previous terrorism articles and update with “Manchester” and “May 22, 2017.”  I truly tire of these attacks and the utter lack of intelligent reaction, even acknowledgement, from the people of the West. And where is any meaningful response from our “leaders?”

This particular attack targeted young people and children at a Manchester concert. Right now, this morning, the tally stands at 22 dead and five dozen wounded. Many, including small children, are missing.


The Sun.

Dropping more bombs in Syria won’t help. That might kill terrorists in that country. It does nothing to stop the jihadis in Manchester, London, Berlin, New York, Paris, Brussels, Minneapolis, or your city.

A few approximate numbers just for the UK: this stuff just happens to work in orders of magnitude:

400+ combat veteran ISIS fighters;

4,000 known terrorists;

40,000 suspected or likely terrorists;

400,000 likely terrorist sympathizers;

4,000,000 Taqiya cover-up agents, liars, and deniers;

40,000,000 people either asleep, drugged, or otherwise completely oblivious.

Again, I’m not sure what I can say, here and today, that I haven’t said ten or fifty times before. I’ll probably be saying it all again soon.

Just how much worse does this have to get?