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Drones and Assange kind of go together in a sad way as one must sometimes fearfully look over his shoulder for the other. Tonight there’s some good news for both.

Droning On: You’re Not a Criminal Tonight

Have a drone? Kids have a drone? So many people have drones as toys, real estate cams, or hottie-next-door spying tools it isn’t funny? I bet you have one or know someone who does, right? Did you register it with the FAA when you bought it? No. Then you’re a criminal. Or you were.

A federal court just struck down the FAA’s idiotic 2015 reg that recreational drones must be registered. Justice for you and your voyeurism toy…

Julian Assange is Really a Jerk…

The Empire, bluster aside, has made no known moves to prosecute Assange for anything – likely because he did not break any laws. Likewise, Swedish prosecutors have dropped their fake rape case against him. And, Ecuador is pressing the UK to grant Assange safe passage out of their embassy in London.

As if that’s not good enough news for old J.A., he is now the subject of interest of both Pam Anderson AND Lady Gaga. Some guys…


 Ben A.Pruchnie/Getty/The Telegram.

I need to hang out in the Ecuadorian embassy some.

A whole lot more is happening but it will have to wait….